Sermon Series: Practical Faith

Series Preview:

Sometimes faith seems so impractical and theoretical.  We talk about loving God, neighbors, and making disciples.  But how?  How do we go about living “the greater way” in practical terms?  This sermon series will move through the Letter of James, lifting out practical lessons about how to live out our faith.

Dates: September 2-30, 2018

Week 1 Preview: "How to Love God", James 1:17-27

Last Sunday, we re-introduced “the greater way,” which we were careful to call our “un-theme” precisely because we do not want to turn “the greater way” into just another theme.  “The greater way” is a focus on the great commandments of Jesus (to love God and love our neighbors) and the great commission of Jesus (to make disciples).  It is not just a nice idea, but it a way of life.  But if we are not careful, we can still talk about “the greater way” in terms that are abstract and theoretical - - a set of goals to which we all subscribe in theory only. 

This Sunday, we will begin to unpack that emphasis.  The first movement of “the greater way” is to love God.  But how?  In practical terms, how do we actually go about loving God?  Is loving God just having a warm, fuzzy feeling about God?  Is loving God just vague sentimentality?  How do we go about loving God?  Well, James does not give us an exhaustive list of ways we can love God.  But he does give us two very practical ways to demonstrate our love for God.  Come join us this Sunday as we begin to move beyond the “what” questions to the more practical “how” questions.  How do we love God?  If the greatest commandment is to love God, then this is one of the most important questions we could ever ask.


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