Bible Survey Series with Stephen Clyborne


Every six years, I teach all the way through the Bible. As I finish my 18th year at Earle Street and begin my nineteenth, I am teaching all the way through the Bible for the third time.  It’s one of my most favorite things to do, and I would love for you to join me for the first time, or for a refresher course.  For the first time, I am recording these Bible Survey sessions rather than teaching them in person, which means that, this time, you can take it at your own pace and  access the sessions at your convenience. This way, you should not have to miss a single session, and you can even binge watch!


This Fall, we have worked our way through the Old Testament. I am impressed with those of you who have kept up with the sessions so far, and I appreciate the feedback you have given me. Hopefully, the survey of the Old Testament has prepared us in a new way to celebrate the birth of Jesus, which is where the survey of the New Testament will begin after Christmas. Even if you do not have time to get all the way through the Old Testament, I hope you will plan to join us for the Survey of the New Testament in January.


The approach I use is historical, literary, and somewhat academic — but will also be devotional and inspirational as the truth of Scripture comes alive in new and exciting ways.  There will be continuity from week-to-week.  A new session will be available each Sunday beginning in January. I hope you will join us. 

New Testament Survey - Part One
New Testament Survey - Part Two
Old Testament Survey