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Welcome to 
Earle Street Baptist Church!

As our mission statement says, Earle Street Baptist Church is "a home to all who would enter."

Our church is historic and traditional, yet vibrant and creative. There is a wonderful blend of age groups: preschoolers, children, youth, young adults, median adults, and senior adults. We are not all alike, but there is unity in our diversity. Our unity centers around our faith in Jesus Christ and our determination to be His followers through worship, missions, fellowship, ministry, and spiritual growth.

Since 1922, Earle Street Baptist Church has gathered for worship and fellowship at the edge of downtown Greenville.  But the church is not a place.  Our congregation is engaged in mission partnerships locally,

nationally, and internationally; and we are just as much the church (if not more) beyond the walls as we are inside the walls.  As rich as our heritage is, and as much as we respect and cherish it, we believe our best days as a church are ahead of us, not behind us. We are seeking to make a home for God and a home for all who would enter. So if you are searching for a family of faith, you may have found it; and if you have, welcome home.

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