What does life as a follower of Jesus Christ look like? What are the most important things a disciple of Jesus Christ should be doing? At Earle Street Baptist Church, we answer these questions this way: As disciples of Jesus Christ, we aspire to live the “greater way.” The “greater way” is a way of life modeled after Jesus Himself and based on His two great commandments (love God and love neighbors) and His great commission (make disciples). Loving God, loving our neighbors, and making disciples are the essential elements of the Christian life.

In 2018, our church decided to pursue the “greater way” as our identity and our overarching goal. We want to live the “greater way” as individuals and as a church. We want to be known as “greater way” people. In the fall of 2019, we introduced Our “Greater Way” Covenant, a document memorializing our commitment to living the “greater way” and setting out some practical examples of what “greater way” living looks like in our daily lives.


The people of Earle Street Baptist Church, both individually and collectively, covenant with God and one another to live the “greater way” as defined by Jesus in the two great commandments (love God and love neighbors) and the great commission (make disciples).  As disciples of Jesus Christ, we prayerfully aspire daily to live this “greater way.”

LOVING GOD (Matthew 22:37-38)

  • Accepting, trusting, and resting in God’s love

  • Spending time alone with God

  • Gathering together in worship

  • Obeying the teachings of Jesus

LOVING NEIGHBORS (Matthew 22:39)

  • Seeking out our “neighbors”

  • Overcoming barriers to see them as God sees them

  • Serving them

  • Getting to know them

MAKING DISCIPLES (Matthew 28:19-20)

  • Building deeper relationships with our “neighbors”

  • Showing them the way of Jesus by the way we live

  • Praying for them and seeking opportunities to have spiritual conversations

  • Helping them understand and live “the greater way”


We acknowledge that no one but Jesus could perfectly live this way; but as His followers, we covenant together to give generously and faithfully of our time, energy, resources, and spiritual gifts to live “the greater way.”


Sunday School                          9:15/10:30 am

Sunday Worship                       9:15/10:30 am

Wednesday Dinner                  5:45 pm

Wednesday Prayer Meeting   6:30 pm


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