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Friday, April 12, 2024

Earle Street traditionally joins with other churches in the annual Faith Build, providing financial resources and volunteer labor in helping Habitat build a new home for a qualifying family. This year, at Habitat’s request, Earle Street will join with other faith partners and direct its funding and volunteer efforts for the Home Preservation program. This program is designed to provide health and safety repairs that can help a family maintain a safe and stable home. These families are mostly elderly, and all have income under 80% of AGI.

Earle Street has been scheduled to provide 8 volunteers (age 16 and up) for Friday, April 12. Activities scheduled include work on deck, ramp, and bathroom repair. A home in Greer is presently scheduled for this date. Detailed information will be provided. If you are willing to volunteer, please click the link below and sign up.

For more information on the Home Preservation Program and process click here. Contact Ed Hogan, Habitat Liaison if you have questions at

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