Job Opportunities 

       The second century of our church's history begins March 13, 2022. Established as a mission church by Central Baptist Church to meet the needs of the local community on the city fringe, Earle Street Baptist Church has evolved into a church for the greater Greenville communities. As we enter the second century, we reflect practices and characteristics that are part of our past and present: a church that is welcoming and friendly, a home for all; a traditional worship service that is reverent and relevant; a theology that focuses on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus;  a strong commitment to missions and ministry, encouraging and allowing members to use their gifts and talents; a history of calling outstanding pastors (for preaching, pastoral care, and administrative leadership); outstanding support staff chosen for competence without regard for race or gender; excellent facilities that have been built/modified to meet current and expected needs; programs, ministries and support groups that meet the needs of its members and the community; shared leadership between members and staff; commitment to the future.

      Earle Street also recognizes significant changes that are occurring in the world around us - changing demographics, use and value of technology, worship practices, intrusion of political loyalties that cause erosion of relationships, cultural movements. These changes are influencing our present society and churches are not immune. We are committed to seeking God’s guidance as we face these issues.